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In person appointments now available at our Midtown Manhattan (Grand Central) suite on Wednesdays and Fridays and Nyack (lower Hudson Valley) on Mondays & Tuesdays. Our Chelsea and Flatiron offices unfortunately remain closed.

Outdoor and online sessions are still available.

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Taking care of ourselves, our relationships and our bodies can easily fall to the bottom of our to do list. There never seems to be the time to give our attention to what matters most and before long we can find ourselves stuck in a life we aren’t fully enjoying. We may find ourselves denying what we want, telling ourselves it doesn’t matter. That we are happy… enough.

For most people hypnosis is not the first option! The majority of our clients have tried for a long time on their own. They have often tried traditional therapy, medication or meditation but nothing has really worked. They are exhausted and approaching burnout and just want to feel good. Hypnosis is all about feeling good, feeling free, feeling loved. It’s about working with you, not against you. But don’t think that means you’re not doing the work. Far from it. It just doesn’t feel as hard when you know how to ask your brain the right way and you have someone there with you that sees the very best in you, showing you how.

With our help you will find exactly what you need to make the changes you want in your life. Right now. With our help you will learn how to ask your subconscious for what you deeply want, and get it. This isn’t selfish. The better we feel about ourselves, our own lives, and what we want to feel fulfilled, the greater our capacity to give to others.

You can read more about our specific areas of expertise such as relationships, burnout or big life questions or explore other hypnosis, coaching or meditation specialisms by scrolling back up to the menu bar. Below you will see our “in the press” section for some helpful articles we have written.

We offer an LGBTQIA2+ affirming (queer normative) space. We are disability positive (ADA accessible office – please also contact us with any other accessibility needs such ASL interpreter requests and we will ensure we do our best to accommodate at no additional cost to you). We have beautiful tranquil rooms in Midtown (Grand Central) and coming soon to Nyack (Lower Hudson Valley). Chelsea and Flatiron/ Gramercy sessions are not available at this time. Sessions also work really well online.

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