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Taking care of ourselves, our relationships and our bodies can easily fall to the bottom of our to do list. There never seems to be the time to give our attention to what matters most and before long we can find ourselves stuck in a life we don’t enjoy fully.

We may find ourselves denying what we want, telling ourselves it doesn’t matter. That we are happy… enough.

For most people hypnosis is not the first option! Most of our clients have tried for a long time on their own, tried traditional therapy, medication, diets but nothing has worked. They are exhausted from going over and over it and  just want to feel good.

Hypnosis is all about feeling good, feeling free and helping you find exactly what you need to make the changes you want in your life. Right now. With our help you will learn how to ask your subconscious for what you deeply want, and get it.

Whether you need a quick willpower boost or to make a big mental shift: contact JQ Hypnosis for free initial consultation to see if we can help.

We offer sessions in our beautiful tranquil rooms in Midtown (Grand Central), Flatiron and Chelsea.


How we spend our days is how we spend our lives


Everyone deserves to enjoy a happy, easy, successful and intimate life of meaning.

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Siobhan Harper-Nunes  (Founder of Shakti Women)



I am a woman passionately committed to personal and professional growth. I have tried many coaches, counsellors and therapists in the past to support me in my journey towards deeper understanding and acceptance of my past. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that working with Joanne dramatically accelerated my personal awareness and that impacted enormously on the way I relate to a very particular other in my life. This increased and deepened the love I have for myself and my family.

Within minutes of our first session, I knew I could trust Joanne completely and after just one session I felt more relaxed than I had been in a long time. Joanne knows her stuff, and she listens intently. I love her balanced approach that seeks solutions not simply navel gazing. I also love the peace and tranquillity that follows the hypnosis. I highly recommend this woman.


I must say that Joanne has been a bit of a life saver and helped me with her hypnosis skills in a very sensitive and thoughtful way. Her mesmerizing voice could send a glass eye to sleep!

She is very knowledgeable with deep issues, especially those of relationship and of a sexual nature.

She has a mix of skills that she somehow brings to the session all at once and as a client I felt I had complete trust in her ability. I don’t know how she has come to know so much.

Highly recommended.


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Heath Thompson (CEO Indigo Copywriting)