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JQ Hypnosis offers individual and couples hypnotherapy and coaching in New York.

We have tranquil, private offices in Union Square, NYC and Tarrytown, Westchester. Online sessions are also available worldwide.

We are neurodivergent, LQBTQIA+ and alternative lifestyle affirming. Not just saying it: we live it.

Our main focus is sex & relationship (intimacy) work and burnout. We also explore meditation, happiness and any big life questions.

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Taking care of ourselves, our relationships and our bodies can easily fall to the bottom of our to do list. There never seems to be the time to give our attention to what matters most in our hearts and before long we can find ourselves stuck in a life we aren’t fully present for. We may find ourselves denying what we want, telling ourselves it doesn’t matter. That we are happy… enough.

For most people hypnosis is not the first option! The majority of my clients have tried for a long time on their own. They have often tried traditional therapy, medication or meditation but nothing has really worked. They are exhausted from constantly striving to improve or fix themselves and their environment. Burnout has become the norm. Attention a constant battle. Intimacy a distant fantasy. Creativity an indulgence.

My unique take on hypnotherapy is not about bypassing the real suffering that is happening in the world. It is not about being lazy and not “doing the work”. It is not simply creating a salve that will allow you to be more productive or eradicate all your quirks. And yet it is a way to make things easy, to be your mind’s best friend instead of its enemy. There are no scripts here. No one way to describe how we will work together.

My approach is very solution focused. We will absolutely brainstorm but in a different way than you’ve likely experienced before. You will find deep answers within but at the same time you won’t be left figuring things out on your own or spending week after week just talking, wondering when you’re going to start feeling better. My aim is for you to feel better from the very first session and see a huge shift in weeks not months or years like with traditional therapy. Everything you experience will be yours to access any time you need it in the future. Those new neural pathways we co-create will be creative avenues for anything life throws at you in the future. If you think about how much can happen in a dream, we are tapping in to a bit of that. Time, logic, unconscious blocks, repressed desires, conformity, all that stuff gets in the way.

This isn’t selfish. The more we can love all our different parts and be playful and gentle with ourselves, the greater our capacity to give to others. The more energy we have to pick our battles, to weather the storms.

You can read more about my specific areas of expertise gained from 15 years of personal, academic, work and experimental experience in the areas of relationships, burnout and big life questions by scrolling back up to “specialisms”. You can also find out about some other areas I offer support.

I have a free advice column (feel free to submit a request for something you’d like me to answer) and have also have some articles in the press below.

I offer an LGBTQIA2+ affirming (queer normative) space that is disability positive, sex positive and alternative lifestyle affirming. Unfortunately due to having to relocate offices, my primary physical space is not ADA compliant and has gendered bathrooms. While I get this figured out, please let me know if you have accessibility needs in your email and I can book an appropriate hourly rental space. If you require an interpreter (hypnosis can still work using ASL!) then I will cover the cost. like me to answer) and have also have some articles in the press below.

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Please check out the FAQs section first, to make the best use of our time together.

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