Anyone Can Meditate

Welcome busy minds



So this program was scheduled to launch in March 2020 and we can all guess how that went down!

During lockdown we’ve been working one-to-one with clients and sending out custom recordings and goodies. The image above is a sneak peak of the back of our meditation cards.

We are still testing out ways this could work in a group setting online (to make it more competitively priced) but we are hopeful that we can do some very small groups at our Midtown sanctuary, maybe next year.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions either through our contact page or on our instagram or facebook pages. Thank you.

Busy minds welcome!

Would you love to meditate but feel it’s not for you?

Do you struggle to be still at the end of yoga practice or only get the hang of this mindfulness stuff when you’re on vacation?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there and wondering what approach would be a good fit?

Struggling to find something that fits in with your belief system, lifestyle, brain make-up or that can accommodate a disability?

I believe that everyone can benefit from meditation.

Whether you’re completely new to meditation, have already tried a few classes or apps, or have a regular practice that’s fallings short, this course will help you find something that works for you.

Using my signature hypnosis informed meditation, I’ll help you figure out what you want from your practice and how to make it as beneficial as possible. I’ll also give you an overview of some of the different approaches to meditation and how to cultivate the skills for each chosen practice.

There is a meditation path as unique as you are and it starts here.