Neurodivergent Hypnotherapy

There are many amazing neurotypical allies providing neurodivergent therapy in New York City but they don’t always provide a truly normative space. JQ Hypnosis offers real lived experience as well as clinical expertise (and a little sprinkle of magic).

I was in grad school when I first discovered I was dyslexic and I didn’t receive an official AuDHD (Autism+ADHD, previously gifted with Aspergers) diagnosis until I was in my 30s. I’ve done a lot of unlearning and new learning since then. I realized that my lifetime of interest, research and practice in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and wellness had given me skills essential to my survival as a neurodivergent person. Deep dives into subconscious communication and programming, personality types, learning styles, ways to regulate somatically and befriend my over/ under stimulated body, mind & spirit in a world that didn’t seem to want me to do that. Super helpful for everyone

I don’t work exclusively with Autistic or ADHD clients. This isn’t an echo chamber but it is a normative space to relax. I also love to work with neurotypical/ neurodivergent couples to translate. Making sure everyone gets their needs met. This is so much easier when we incorporate hypnosis, meditation and practices that take us out of the everyday. It’s truly beautiful how in these slightly altered states of consciousness underneath our conditioning we find it so much easier to resonate with one another.

Some benefits of working with a neurodivergent identified provider:
  • Communication flows easier, less explanation is needed and there are fewer misunderstandings or instances of offense; so it’s typically a lot more effective.
  • Easier to build rapport and trust as there is a natural affinity.
  • Interesting and engaging as we typically approach things in a more creative way.
  • Works with your brain the way it is, to get the best results, without wrangling you into neurotypical ideas of what might be going on.
  • Accommodations that don’t even feel like accommodations (whether that it’s to move around have an email recap or a super detailed explanation of what we are going to be doing). You deserve to have your needs easily met without feeling difficult.
  • I do the work to bridge the gap between any differences (something most neurodivergent people experience the burden of doing daily).
  • Keeping up with you. I can follow your meandering thoughts, tangents, obscure references and hyper connected patterns. Whether your thoughts are running a mile a minute (and we use cooperative layering with our back and forth) or you take your time to process; I attune to your natural cadence.
  • Conversely I will help you wrangle your brain back from unhelpful trains of thought. Have you found yourself sitting with a therapist being asked “How was this eek?” and found yourself not getting to what matters by the end your 50 minute appointment? Our sessions are also 90 minutes which helps.
  • Low masking demand. Let your face be, speak however you want without any assumptions being made.
  • Sensory friendly office