Big Life Questions

Are you struggling to make decisions? Do you trust the answers you get from yourself?

Feel like something is profoundly wrong but don’t know what to ask?

You’re not really depressed but life seems meaningless or you feel that you’re wasting your time on sh*t that doesn’t matter. You have a burning desire to do something but don’t know what. You can see burnout or apathy on the horizon but have no idea what the alternative could be.

Even when we appear outwardly successful and accomplished and with seemingly good mental and physical wellbeing there can still be this nagging feeling of “is this it”?

You are not alone if you feel despondent with our unjust society, wondering if change is even possible in the external world, and feeling exhausted from an unfulfilled inner world.

This is not the same as depression. While an existential crisis can You are not broken. Nothing needs fixing. You may feel lost at sea but there is a lighthouse in you that will guide you.

Whether it’s quarter-life, midlife or later-life crisis, now is always a good time to live a life of meaning.

The support I offer can take many forms. Such as:

  • Healing old scars that have gone unnoticed
  • Accessing your higher self to discover your deep needs and wants…and how to make them a part of your life
  • Nurturing intimate relationships with yourself and others in this world
  • Strategic planning for how to make those big life changes (once you have the answers of what they’re going to be)

Ignoring our subconscious, our gut, our intuition and our capacity for intimacy can become second nature. We can exist on autopilot so very easily. If you’re getting a wake up call, I’d love to help you listen to your innate wisdom, soothe your worries and make the most of life.