Real Client Journeys & Reviews

Everyone’s story is different and beautiful.

While there are evidence based techniques that lend themselves well to certain issues, we never know quite know how sessions will unfold from one person to the next.That makes it a little challenging to explain.

So if you’re here, you’ve probably read all about me, my specialisms and how I work and are curious about how hypnotherapy would work for you.

A huge thank you to our inspiring clients below who have volunteered to share their experiences to better help others see some examples of what real life hypnotherapy journeys look like.

Can you imagine your unique story?

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Joanne is ultra-calming, grounded, and really takes the time to listen to the root of your pain and then somehow makes the ‘work’ of sorting through it all and healing your mind feel like a vacation rather than exhausting.”

Courtney, 33

Global Planning Director, NYC


Tags: Burnout, LGBTQ+ Affirming

Courtney was charming, dynamic, driven but burning out (yes she’s still the first 3 in that list!) She wanted help finding balance, asserting herself before her emotions ravaged her and dealing with some imposter syndrome and trauma carried over from a toxic prior work experience. With limited hours to relax at home and few opportunities for time out at her disposal, we created a virtual sanctuary where Courtney could escape and instantly go to wind down and reconnect to herself and her peace. We worked on practical ways of asserting her needs and boundaries in her current work before they became too much, finding perspective that came from healing her previous experiences and integrating the work she had already done so much of on her own. Courtney regularly remembers to water her metaphorical plants in her virtual sanctuary and this year came out as lesbian to her parents. She continues to thrive in her work.

“I found Joanne when I was more than 10 years out of traditional therapy and was in a pretty dark place but with enough light to see the doorway to get out. Everything about the way she described hypnotherapy just felt right to me (no swaying pocket watches here!), and I’m so glad I decided to give her practice a try. The very first session I left feeling more understood, deeply connected, and lighter than I ever felt after years of traditional talk therapy. She’s ultra-calming, grounded, and really takes the time to listen to the root of your pain and then somehow makes the ‘work’ of sorting through it all and healing your mind feel like a vacation rather than exhausting. More than a year after our last official session I still have the tools I need to succeed, based on the foundation we built together, and we’ve stayed in touch as she really cares about her clients. Can’t recommend Joanne enough!”


“You could see something in me that I always wanted to believe was there but never had the courage to accept”

Ayan, 23

Student. Writer. Brooklyn


Tags: New to New York, Anxiety, Self Esteem

Ayan decided to try hypnosis to alleviate her anxiety. By the end of the first session it was clear that Ayan was wise beyond her years and qualities she had been led to believe were negatives, were going to become strengths. She had a level of personal insight and compassion that was turning in on itself as people often failed truly see her warmth, confusing her social anxiety as disinterest, or her natural elegance as coldness. Her self esteem was damaged by years of unmet needs and self doubt and difficulty admitting that she wanted more from her intimate relationships. She had questions about her attraction to men and women and how much of that was dictated by her her father’s negative influence. First we worked on all the worries that went around in Ayan’s thoughts. We worked on ways to manage her energy as a creative person and how to honor her needed for a greater amount of alone time and rest time than other people she knew. Particularly while she was in this recovery phase from years of chronic anxiety and depression that had silently dominated her life. We came up with language around communicating with her lover at the time and being vulnerable, just for her own self development more than the end goal of being with him. Ayan managed to break some really deeply entrenched habits that in her next dating relationship she did not repeat. We also explored feelings around outgrowing friendships. Slowly but surely Ayan learned to love herself more and be there for herself in ways that she had wished others had been during her life and looks forward to more of the connections she deserves. Ayan was was able to visualize a positive future and took extra classes at school and will undoubtedly be a successful writer. Ayan is now starting psychodynamic work to explore her relationship with her father in more detail. From a place of self love and belief in the gifts she has to offer others.

“Working with you has been such a powerfully transformative part of my life. You once said to me, “think of yourself as a block of clay. as you move through life, you’re not changing. you’re chiseling away the parts that aren’t true to you.” I think about that a lot. You’ve always shown how dedicated you are to our sessions whether it be by talking until the conversation comes to a natural end instead of capping it off at exactly an hour, or the way you seem to remember the details of my life in a way that even i can’t. I don’t think you’ve ever given me advice that hasn’t worked. I think you know me better than I know myself. You could see something in me that I always wanted to believe was there but never had the courage to accept. You have taught me about a “higher self.” sometimes i can reach my higher self through everything you’ve taught me. if i ever can’t, I ask myself, “what would Joanne say?” 


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“I still don’t know HOW you did it but you’ve helped me in a way I never thought I could be helped.” 

Samantha, 30, NYC


Tags: Heartbreak, intrusive thoughts, boundaries

Samantha was stuck in a loop after the breakdown of a relationship that simply made no sense. Her best friend and ex had behaved in ways that defied logic and Samantha just couldn’t stop thinking about it. In this space of frustration and pain, Samantha realized that she had a lot of other stuff that she hadn’t dealt with. She had woken up to the ways that the behavior of other people in her life was also far from acceptable. Together we found ways to ‘train them’ to relate to her better and over time took the sting out of the times they didn’t. Samantha mastered a technique for instant relief where she could show up for herself in those moments of distress or confusion with love and strength. Like so many people in New York who worked in the hospitality and entertainment industry, covid put the breaks on so many of her plans and passions. Yet some how she has kept going, deleted that ex from her heart (and social media), trusts herself to maintain her boundaries, allows herself to celebrate all the small wins, and is ready to relaunch in 2021.

“As the year is coming to an end I am in shock that I went on my therapist hunt a year ago and am so beyond grateful that I found you (especially after that horrible session with that lady who I can’t even remember what her name was). Before this year sucked for everyone it had already majorly sucked for me-  I felt dead, empty, unbelievably sad, and filled with constant anxiety. Some anxiety that I already had swirling in me for years and other anxiety that I didn’t even know existed! Also I could not understand that someone who I LOVED, or thought I loved just… left, for no reason? That thought is still sometimes so hard for me to think about- which is why I don’t, because you can’t make sense out of things that don’t make sense!! I still don’t know HOW you did it but you’ve helped me in a way I never thought I could be helped. The way I  manage and train people in my life now has made such a difference with anxiety and my overall mental health. If I did not find you pre pandemic, everything that happened during the pandemic with people in my life and with the world, would have been completely unmanageable. At times I still find it all unmanageable but somehow, I always come back to figuring it out even if it is with tiny wins and really it’s just me sticking up for myself. A year ago I never thought I’d wake up and not think about how hurt I was or stalk his stupid ugly social media- but I can say that until this email I can’t remember the last time I thought about him. I still pinch my fingers together, close my eyes and tell myself “I love you”- and wow it still brings me back to that place of being calm.”  

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“Joanne helped me turn into strengths things I had been carrying for 20 years. I feel virile and happier than ever”. 

Heath 51,

CEO, Austria


Tags: sex, stress, immigration, aging

Dealing with a divorce, emigrating, starting a new company and having his first child all within 2 years had not phased Heath. But when his new relationship broke down and his partner became increasingly critical, his confidence plummeted and things he had long buried deep, began to surface. His sex drive and performance was shot and he started doubting himself and feeling old.

“I have worked with Joanne on two occasions. First a few years back during a transition period in my life. Her soothing voice could put a glass eye to sleep. It was my sanctuary and she helped me create my own. Years later I started having relationship troubles and sexual difficulties and began seriously doubting myself. I knew I could tell Joanne anything and she would just get it. She helped me change into strengths things I had been carrying for 20 years. My sex life is wonderful. I feel virile and happier than ever. I don’t know how she has come to know so much. ”  

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“I love her balanced approach that seeks solutions not simply navel gazing”. 

Siobhan, Global Director


Tags: Existential Crisis, Imposter Syndrome, Relationships, Wellness Goals

Successful and admired by many, Siobhan had not only created a wonderful life for herself and her family but gave back and changed the lives of so many through her women’s empowerment hub. Yet she felt like she was always fighting. She set high standards for herself that had a shadow side of not feeling enough. At first we worked on solidifying her connection to her personal power, her future vision and safeguarding her energy. Then we turned our attention to her wellness goals. As her health and body image increased and her bond with her inner goddess strengthened, she began to grieve for all that she had been holding on to. We created some rituals to support that. Then came her interpersonal relationships: Siobhan learned to give herself what she longed for while also finding new and refined ways to ask for more from others.

“I find Joanne to be honest, trustworthy and kind. Within minutes of our first session, I knew I could trust her completely and after just one session I felt more relaxed than I had been in a long time. Joanne knows her stuff, and she listens intently. I love her balanced approach that seeks solutions not simply navel gazing. I also love the peace and tranquillity that follows the hypnosis. I am a woman passionately committed to personal and professional growth, I have tried many coaches and counsellors and therapists in the past to support me in my journey towards deeper understanding and acceptance of my past, but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that working with Joanne, accelerated my personal awareness and that impacted enormously on the way I relate to a very particular other, increasing and deepening the love I have for myself and my family. I highly recommend this woman. ”