Vacation Prep Hypnosis

Vacation Prep Hypnosis

Do you often find yourself on week long vacations taking a day to travel, 3 days to wind down and get into it, only to have a couple of days of relaxation and enjoyment before you’re thinking about coming back?

Are you only able to take weekend breaks and feel like it’s just not long enough to get away?

Do you plan time off and then spend so much of it ensuring other people are having a good time that you forget to enjoy yourself?

Do you take time off for yourself only to get caught up in chores or find yourself distracted?

Do you have anxiety around planning and organizing a vacation or the travel such as a fear of flying or dread of traffic?

JQ Hypnosis can help, and it won’t take up much of your precious time.

We can train you to instantly switch into vacation mode to maximize every moment.
We can help you prioritize and find ways to make time for vacations, even very short ones and experience a few hours in the park as more restorative than many other people’s week long vacations.
We can make sure your vacations serve you in the best possible way and if you’re vacationing with loved ones, appreciate fully your connections with them while you are away.

We can guide you to freedom from travel worries.