Sex & Relationships

Sex & Relationships

A great love life can make us feel alive, passionate and relaxed. Without it, we can feel frustrated, unconfident and lethargic.

Infidelity or a loss of desire can be devastating. There are so many things in our lives that can build huge blocks to intimacy. Our past experiences, our current lifestyle or our beliefs about the future. Stress, exhaustion or poor self esteem can destroy our sexual confidence and leave us feeling unloved and unlovable. Disabilities, health conditions or aging bodies can present challenges that seem too much.

Perhaps you have reached crisis point or maybe you just want more from your intimate relationships. What if you could change 3 things about your love or sex life in a matter of weeks? What would they be and what would you do with all of that extra energy and headspace? What if I told you that you could achieve this even if the problem lies with your partner? What if I told you that you would feel good after session,  energized from trying new things, instead of drained from going over and over your problems?

At JQ Hypnosis we have over 90% success rate helping individuals and couples get the love and sex life they deserve. We provide a completely judgement free space and have worked with people in vastly diverse relationships and with many unusual desires. From clients who have never been intimate and don’t know how, to all encompassing sex addiction. Be you, with us, just the way you are, and get what you want.

No embarrassment, no worry, just tailor made solutions from your subconscious mind, with a little help from experts who care.