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non-binary tantra

I’m a queer woman and my partner is non-binary. Is tantra for us?

Absolutely! Though I am sorry to say that in all my years of research I haven’t found any resources that don’t rely on referencing masculine and feminine energies. For some people, masculine and feminine energies can easily be separated from gender and they may even find themselves in a relationship where one partner assumes a masculine driving force and the other a feminine receiving force. They may also switch, playing different roles for different practice sessions or at different intervals in one practice sitting. I have attended several workshops where we decided the gender we wished to identify with for … Continue reading I’m a queer woman and my partner is non-binary. Is tantra for us?

Is Porn Bad For You?

If you’re you’re on any kind of social media lately, you’ve likely been subjected to some subtle and not so subtle porn shaming campaigns. If you’re concerned about your porn use, I’m here to tell you that MINDFUL PORN USE IS A THING!

Picture of bird rejecting another bird

How Do I Cope When My Partner Doesn’t Want Sex

This is a resource for the things you can do to help you get through the pain and frustration of being sexually rejected. Being in a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t want sex, can’t have sex, or has a reduced sex drive is really tough. It’s completely understandable to be be in a constant state of irritation over small things. It’s also really common to seek comfort in treats like food, alcohol, drugs, shopping for things like make up or clothes, or become immersed in computer games, tv, social media, porn or excessive exercise. Many people really shut down … Continue reading How Do I Cope When My Partner Doesn’t Want Sex

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