Update: I have recently had to move my offices and my current daily space unfortunately is no longer ADA compliant and does not have gender neutral bathrooms. This sucks and I am working on it. I know it’s not ideal but in the interim, please let me know if you require a wheelchair accessible space or one with a gender neutral bathroom and I will ensure that I rent an appropriate hourly space.

LGBTQIA+ clients.

I’m a queer identified provider. I strive to create a queer normative space that is comfortably affirming to all gender identities, expressions and sexualities. In my view there is a difference between being queer identified and being specifically trained (and continuing with professional education) in LQBTQ challenges. I fall within the first category, so while I have my own lived experience, social circle and work with many queer clients, I am not an expert in queer therapy. It’s extremely important to me that anyone who contacts me gets the best fit. So for example if you are looking for someone to support you with language around exploring your queer identity, to discuss theory or activism, or if you are processing LGBTQIA+ related trauma then I may give you contact details of providers who would be a more specialist. Still contact me if you’ve found your way here as I always respond and know a lot of wonderful providers. If however you are looking to explore things like being queer while navigating your intimate relationships, being queer while also burned out at work, being queer and having existential crises that may or may not encompass elements of your queer identity, then this aligns more with my approach.

Clients with disabilities, mental health conditions and neurodivergence

I am neurodivergent and I also spent many years living with a visual disability. I have experienced mental illness in my life and in the lives of those closest to me. My previous career in disability discrimination law afforded me opportunities to work alongside and for people with a wide range of disabilities and health conditions and I am passionate about accessibility and amplifying the voices of people with disabilities. If you require any accommodations: an accessible space (see note at the top of the page) an interpreter, hearing loops, alternative formats for sharing information, modified communication styles, light or sound adjustments in the office let me know and I’ll get it figured out. I generally do not charge cancellation fees for appointments you can’t make due to a disability or health condition. If you wake up on the day to discover you don’t have the spoons, it happens, we can figure something out.

clients of color, indigenous clients and immigrant clients

I am an immigrant and have lived in several countries all over the world. I speak very few languages well unfortunately but I do find it easy to understand people with different accents and mannerisms. I know all too well the tiredness that comes with having to translate all the time and constantly being misunderstood so I strive to take on more of the responsibility of bridging communication differences so that clients can relax a little more.

I am however a white provider and while I strive to do my best to be anti-racist and play my part in decolonizing therapy, hypnosis, meditation and trancework, I know that there are many instances where I fall short. I enjoy learning but also see this as my responsibility not my clients’. I am always building up my network of providers so if during the course of our work together it seems a client’s needs would be better met by a provider who matches some of their lived experience or can better facilitate a shared cultural connection, then I will do what I can to share contacts. Many of the practices I guide clients in are rooted in cultures other than my own and I try to strike a balance with sharing this wisdom in an accessible way, that is universal, while still acknowledging lineage. Sessions will always be collaborative and work with any belief systems or cultures that align with you.

I work with clients from all backgrounds, including those who do not share my views. While I am definitely more of a call-in than call-out kind of person in sessions I make it a condition that anyone who wishes to access my services is expected to be respectful and kind towards any other clients of mine that they pass in common areas. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated as this is a space where I do my best to have clients feel safe as they are. The offices are in multi-use buildings and there is a shared waiting room but I want all my clients to feel at ease here so if there is anything that remotely gives you concern, please let me know. Same goes for me or any of the content on this page!