JQ Hypnosis LLC began 7 years ago in Birmingham UK as JQ Therapy: a collective of clinical and holistic therapists working in the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

Certified hypnotist and CEO of JQ Hypnosis Joanne Davies is now based in New York City, offering one-to-one and couples sessions in Flatiron, Chelsea, Upper West Side & Tarrytown. She periodically runs workshops and retreats in the city and abroad and collaborates with other providers.

Joanne Davies and JQ Hypnosis are fully accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


Joanne Davies, originally from Wales, moved to Birmingham UK to study law. She gained her LLB in 2007 and worked in the field of disability discrimination. During her time at this high pressure job, she sought refuge in martial arts, meditation and nutrition. While delivering workplace wellbeing training in 2010 she discovered hypnosis and decided to study further to better integrate this life changing practice into her work, gaining her CPPD in Clinical Hypnosis.

In 2011 Joanne made the decision to pursue hypnosis as a career and studied for her post graduate degree, successfully graduating with a PgCert with distinction in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the University of West London in 2013.

By 2014 Joanne had built a successful practice in Birmingham, UK helping hundreds of clients achieve healthy minds, bodies and relationships. Initially heavily psychotherapy focused hypnosis, the business evolved to incorporate a vast array of other approaches.

JQ Therapy became well known for creating a truly inclusive space for all without judgement, running retreats and advancing her hypnosis, meditation and wellbeing toolkit from great teachers all over the world. JQ Therapy evolved to broaden the scope of offerings while always maintaining skillful hypnosis at its core and keeping up to date with new developments in the field. Joanne worked extensively with clients who had experienced ablism, gender identity discrimination or religious discrimination in traditional approaches to seeking help for their interpersonal goals. This led her to an opportunity to consult for big businesses in the city, though she continued to see as many clients as she could. In 2016 she built a network of trusted providers to assist. JQ Therapy integrated a number of alternative practices such as acupuncture, breathwork and bodywork as well as traditional and experimental hypnotherapy.

In July 2018 Joanne moved to New York City and JQ Hypnosis LLC was formed in September 2018.