High Profile Clients

I keep a small caseload of no more than 12 clients and only ever have 1 high profile client at a time. This allows me to work around non traditional schedules and dedicate my time to intensive packages when needed. If this page is live, it means I have an opening. Whether you’re burned out, addicted, craving deep intimacy, have big existential questions, or are just wishing to be understood and loved without the mask, I am here to help. Hypnosis, sex & relationship coaching, meditation and all that good stuff in a way that fits your unique life.

Options include:
  • 24 hour access to appointments – wherever you are in the world, whatever your schedule is like, I’m there for you.
  • Retreat intensives – I have a space in Muir Beach SF, Catskills NY, Positano Italy, St Martins Barbados. Alternatively if you have a space you like to unwind, I can can be there.
  • Travel to you – nothing compares to in person sessions. I travel well and am happy to come to you, even for a single 90 minute sessions.
Peace of mind:
  • My services are strictly confidential. I do not keep records of client details unless you specifically request that I do. You are welcome to use an alias and I do not require an intake form. I offer multiple ways to pay outside of traditional invoicing. I am meticulous about privacy but for peace of mind I am always happy to sign an NDA.
  • My office is located in bustling Union Square NYC where anyone can go unnoticed. It’s in a multi use building comprising of a small recording studio, physical therapist, and tech support offices. My suite is unmarked for anonymity. You can also access my office via the service entrance and stair case for added privacy. If preferred, I can offer sessions from a residential address in NYC.
  • I don’t charge an inflated “executive price” regardless of who I am working with. Fees are negotiated based on any extra time where I am not seeing other clients, travel time or out of session work. I provide low cost sliding scale services to those in need and higher paying clients help offset this cost and make this work more widely accessible.
  • I work with you and your team diligently to ensure that only the things you want handled by your assistants or loved ones are shared. Everyone’s facilitation needs are different and I am guided by you and your team.

If you are a provider considering referring a high profile client, check out this guide.