Nyack Hypnotherapy

Nyack Hypnotherapy Space Now Open

We are excited to announce that JQ Hypnosis is now offering hypnotherapy in Nyack, NY.

Our cosy suite comfortably seats 2 – with chairs 6ft apart. We cannot accommodate couples at this time, as it’s just too cosy! Windows open out into our Hudson Valley garden, where we can also hold sessions for anyone unsure about in-person sessions indoors. The room and furniture will be cleansed physically with Clorox and energetically with sage! Who says science and holistic health can’t coexist?

JQ Hypnisis is looking forward to serving our Hudson Valley and New Jersey clients, and our New York City clients looking for a change of scene.

Nyack is a 50 minute ride on the Metro North Rail along the Hudson River to Tarrytown. The Hudson Link bus connects Metro North Rail with Nyack Village and takes around 20 minutes. For anyone coming by car, it’s a 45 minute drive and there is free parking right outside the office. There are some wonderful walks, lovely cafes and boutiques so you can make the most of the day; for anyone wanting an overnight stay, I can recommend a few options.

Unfortunately the office is not currently ADA accessible. We are working on this and hope to have it figured out by Spring.

Don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned NYC! Although our Chelsea and Flatiron offices sadly had to close, our Midtown sanctuary has reopened for in-person hypnosis sessions. We will also be continuing our zoom offerings for the foreseeable future.

JQ Hypnosis Chelsea now open for business

Introducing our new location! 122 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10001.

As well as our Grand Central office, JQ Hypnosis is now open for business in Chelsea.

As with all our locations, this space is tranquil, light and the perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

We are officially open today, March 4th and throughout Spring we’ll be offering lots of new stuff. Watch this space…


How do I make the right decisions in life?

When making important decisions, those who always seem to get it right are usually those who trust their gut. Their intuition. Even if they quickly find a convincing logical justification for.

Often referred to as “inner knowing” in holistic circles and the “predictive processing framework” in neuroscience, our subconscious processes all the information gathered by our mind and body (and for the more open minded, our soul) to help us make decisions. However this also includes all the marketing, algorithm generated social media posts, and the conditioning within our society that we experience, plus our emotional responses to all of this information.

Whether making a life altering decision like changing career, or smaller decisions like picking the right gym, every step we take alters our path in some way. So how can we trust our intuition and and increase the odds of making the right choice?

The first step is to access more of this subconscious information available to us.

The second is to use wisdom to filter it.

And thirdly to know our true desires, so our decisions are aligned with those.

The capacity of the subconscious mind is vast, processing information at a rate of 20, 000, 000 bits per second, by contrast the conscious mind only process 40 bits per second. Hypnosis allows us to access the subconscious mind through a combination of relaxation, distracting conscious thinking and using metaphors and imagery. Have you ever had a micro dream while hitting the snooze button and had a day’s worth of adventure in 5 minutes? This is the basic idea. We get more done in an hour than in months of talking sessions. And because we bypass all the conscious fliers of our conscious mind, we just get truth and authenticity.

We cannot control external events but doing what’s right for us, feeling confident about our choices and ultimately being luckier in our judgements is totally achievable.