Meditation Coaching

Do you find it impossible to meditate?

Does being present in the moment seem like the worst idea when you’d rather be anywhere but where you are?

Does trying to reduce stress just stress you out?

Don’t give up until you’ve tried it with our help. There are so many types of meditation to choose from that there is a style for everyone. It’s just about finding the right fit for you. There are also tons of hypnosis hacks for busy minds that can be used to ease you in to a meditation practice. We have over 10 years of practice from countless traditions all over the world and have supported clients with ADHD, Autism and PTSD to find a styles that work for them.

While it may come easier to some people, just as some people are more susceptible to hypnosis, we believe anyone can meditate for a calmer, more open mind.

Please visit our rates page for individual sessions and group sessions.

Feel free to join the Tarrytown Meditation Collective on Insight Timer for our donation based meet-up group. We may also run a New York City group so please express your interest via our contact page.

Meditation audio tracks from JQ Hypnosis will also be available on Insight Timer soon.