Fears, limiting habits & addictions

Learn how to let go of fears and access your own internal resources to heal from them.

Transform fear patterns into calm control or even turn all that energy towards empowering behaviors.

Logically you may have done all you can to tell yourself your fear is irrational but something is not shifting in your subconscious. You may be using techniques that worked well for one person but they’re just hard work for you, it’s all about picking the right ones that hit the mark for your mind and body.

There is more to hypnosis than simply reprogramming patterns and habits. With ease and compassion we find out why they are there, in ways the logical mind hasn’t thought about. We don’t bring up past trauma through verbal recital of events. We simply provide a way for the subconscious mind and the body to tell us, in its own way, what is being experienced and what is needed to allow the habits to be released, subside or be managed.

If you are working with a clinician for addiction recovery or management we can help provide an integrative approach that is completely unique for the person you are, and what you need right now.