Affordable Mini Boost

Affordable Mini Boost

Missing gym sessions?

Bagel habit creeping back in?

Drunk texting your ex?

Feeling overwhelmed or off track?

Our mini boost sessions might be just the ticket. If you find your willpower or your inspiration dipping and need a quick pick me up, these 30 minute sessions are designed for hectic schedules and those on a budget. They’ll have you feeling great and tap into your higher consciousness that wants you to be happy.

Because personalization is key to getting the very best results here at JQ Hypnosis, we do ask that clients wishing to take advantage of the mini boost sessions attend a full hour consultation as a first session. This will only be charged as a 30 minute appointment for those committing to 4 mini sessions but allows us to make a thorough analysis of what approaches and techniques will work best.

These sessions are also perfect for returning clients who would like to apply the skills they learned from previous programs to new situations. No consultation appointment necessary.

Please note that these are quick feel-good sessions and not intended for people who need to make a big change. We ask that you consider investing a little more time and booking longer sessions initially if this is the case.We offer free consultations on suitability for all programs so if in doubt, get in touch and we will happily answer any questions you may have.