Why you should make New Year’s Resolutions

A number of friends told me with gusto this year that they “Never make new years resolutions as they’re a waste of time”. Ladies in the locker room at my gym complain about all the new recruits taking up all the machines and how they can’t wait until next month, when everyone fails, and the gym becomes quieter again. People are often surprised when I tell them that I love New Year’s Resolutions and I think they are brilliant. What’s not to love about a new year, a fresh start and a commitment to a healthy habit, often as a result of seeing the effects of less-than-healthy habits during the holiday season? Everyone is in it together, with initiatives like Dry January, Veganuary going on. Gyms are often running great deals, there aren’t any holidays and not a whole lot usually going on in terms of food and drink events. Most people have overspent and are feeling the pinch financially so free tasks such as getting organized around the house seem more appealing. A lot of people hand in their notice in January so there is movement in the job market. Plus the longest day of the year is behind us!

I love my February clients who reach out after perceived failures in January. So what, you tried a new diet and didn’t stick to it. You were motivated enough to give it a go and now you know why it didn’t suit you or what you need help with. You did two weeks without drinking and then you had a fight with your boyfriend and caved in to a bottle of wine. So what, you did great, gave your liver a great detox and now you’re aware of a significant trigger. It might sound trite but “failure” really is just a growth opportunity. Fear of failure or this idea that we need to protect ourselves against the damaging effects of failure to our self esteem limits us.

In October I set myself a running challenge. I had run through many winters and it made me feel great but last year my location made it a real challenge. This year with Central Park only 15 minutes away I thought it was time to get back to it. I used all my hypnosis tips and tricks to get me out there. I knew it was just a mind set and that I had enjoyed it before and would again. But for some reason the inertia and cold just wouldn’t shift and although on several occasions I found myself enjoying it while I was out there, I just wasn’t progressing. I got colds, and bad knees and I was just too tired. I went to a spa with my mother over the holidays and I got the message loud and clear from my body that I was working against it, not retraining it. So today I have joined a gym instead. It has a nice heated pool, a steam room & plenty of heat generating classes like boxing. I have spent the whole day here and I feel so much better. It’s going to mean some financial sacrifices but ultimately I think it’s what’s going to work best for me.

Whatever your resolution is, if the intention was truly yours to make it happen, then don’t be deterred by a set back. It may be that your resolution has to change in the face of new information. Mine is going to be listening closer to what I want and letting go of ideas that it’s a slippery slope to becoming lazy or spoiled. I’m sure I’ll have a set back or two, especially when my promotional membership rate runs out but it’s all part of the fun.

Happy New Year everyone!


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